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Our office is now open and we are following the guidance of the CDC and Alabama Dental Board regarding protecting our patients from Covid-19.

Over and above these guidelines we have added high flow medical air filters to each room along with UV-C air filters to purify the air. In addition to our medical air filters, our treatment rooms are equipped with Swiss made IQAir along with DentaAirVac to catch dental aerosols.

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Dothan, AL dentist explains the importance of pediatric dental services

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Pediatric Dental Services in Dothan, AL area
Making sure your child’s smile is healthy, free of cavities, and looking beautiful is important to parents. One of the best ways you can achieve this goal is through regular pediatric dental services from your dentist in Dothan, AL. At Biodentist Alabama, our compassionate, friendly team is ready to provide your child with a full range of pediatric dental services. We want to ensure that your child has access to the latest in dental technology and a full range of treatments in order to keep their smile beautiful and healthy.

Preventative Care

Maintaining the health of baby teeth is important because untreated dental problems can lead to continuing problems with emerging permanent teeth. The primary teeth play an important role in proper nutrition, allowing children to chew and eat properly and aid in the proper development with the jaw.

Establishing excellent oral hygiene habits is one of the most important components of guiding your child toward a healthy smile. At Biodentist Alabama, we recommend that you bring your child in to see us every six months for preventative pediatric visits. These visits are crucial because it allows us to remove plaque buildup on your child’s teeth which is essential in the prevention of tooth decay. We’re also able to monitor the health of your child’s smile so we can detect early signs of potential problems and recommend appropriate treatment options that will restore oral health. At our office, we have CariVu technology, which allows us to detect cavities early so we can provide safe, natural-looking treatment with tooth-colored fillings.
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We want your child to feel comfortable and relaxed in our Dothan, AL office. As such, we make visiting the dentist fun and cater our services based on your child’s age so that they enjoy coming to the dentist. Establishing these scheduled, routine visits from an early age will increase the chance of your child maintaining that behavior when they are an adult.

Restorative Treatments

Even with good brushing habits and routine dental care, cavities can still occur in children. When this happens, you don’t want your child to be in pain or incur future development problems which is why we offer fast and effective cavity fillings. We use composite resin fillings which are tooth-colored and contain no mercury, so you know that we are protecting your child’s health.

Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Dothan, AL area
Let’s face it, children can be accident-prone. If your child is suffering in pain or discomfort from an injured tooth, you want a dentist that can address the problem quickly. At Biodentist Alabama, we offer emergency dental care to restore your child’s oral health and comfort. If your child suffers a dental emergency, call our office immediately to schedule an appointment. In the meantime, you can follow these tips to prepare for the visit:
  • Broken tooth – Gather the pieces of the broken tooth if you can and bring them with you to the appointment.
  • Lost tooth – Lost baby teeth are rarely an emergency, however, if your child has lost a permanent tooth, hold it by the crown and rinse it off gently – do not remove any tissue attached to the tooth. Bring it to the office in a container of milk or water.
  • Pain or swelling – An ice pack on the outside of the cheek in the affected area can relieve pain. Over the counter, children’s pain medication can also help.

Schedule your child’s pediatric dental appointment at Biodentist Alabama in Dothan today

At Biodentist Alabama, your child’s oral health and overall wellness are one of our main concerns which is why we provide a full range of pediatric dental services designed to help your child’s smile stay healthy. Whether you are looking for a new dental home or you have concerns about your child’s teeth that you would like to have evaluated, we’re here for you. If you would like to learn more about our services or to schedule a visit, please call our office at 334-446-3211. We are conveniently located at 200 Parkwest Cir Ste 1, Dothan, AL 36303. Our team is committed to patient education and satisfaction and delivering high-quality services in a welcoming environment. We look forward to welcoming your child into our dental family.

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