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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Dothan - Dental Care Woman The smile is something we inherently expect to be bright and shiny. At some point, though, most people notice that their spark has been diminished. Teeth may not look as white or bright. In fact, they may look yellow. Looking into the mirror, you want to see a smile that reflects your inner vitality and youthfulness, and you can when you schedule professional teeth whitening with your Dothan biological dentist.

What happens to the smile?

Discoloration is a natural occurrence. For ages, the diminished beauty of the smile was attributed to age. That does not mean discoloration was accepted. Since ancient times, humans have continually tested various methods of whitening. Rather than age, research has discovered that discoloration is the result of continual deposits of microscopic particles left behind by certain foods and beverages. Coffee, tea, and red wine are recognized culprits. Stains can also come from plaque buildup and richly colored foods. There is no question that discoloration will affect the smile. The question is how to manage the appearance of the smile to your liking.

Solutions that work

Through centuries of trial and error, dentists gradually made their way to viable solutions for discoloration. Today, a myriad of options exist; so many, in fact, that choosing the right form of whitening can be a challenge. Should you choose the inexpensive whitening strips from the store shelf, or choose the latest in-office laser whitening treatment? Dr. Pfister has found that the best treatment for most people is in the middle.

First, a sodium bicarbonate tooth polisher is used to remove any stains that are lurking in the tiny grooves or tenaciously stuck to the teeth. Next, a home regimen is begun that will correct any pH problems or bacteria problems occurring in the mouth that can often lead to yellow looking teeth. Your next option for teeth whitening is to use a home whitening kit. This system uses professional grade whitening solution based on hydrogen peroxide and custom-fitted trays that keep the gel against enamel. Over a two-week period, trays with whitening gel are worn for a short time each day. Gradually, molecules of pigment that have built up in the pores of teeth are broken down and the smile regains a bright, healthy shine. In most cases, home whitening brings out a noticeable change after just a few days. By the end of the two-week treatment period, the shade of teeth is brightened dramatically.

Biological dentist Dr Nathan Pfister is extensively familiar with the technologies and substances that facilitate optimal health. His experience gives him the ability to enhance the teeth whitening experience with safe, effective ozone. Ozone is a powerful tool in the biological dental practice and encourages dramatic results in a shorter period, posing no risk to gums or teeth.

Research has shown the immense value of a bright smile. Say goodbye to discoloration and hello to renewed confidence. Schedule your teeth whitening consultation today.

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