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Dental Veneers Dothan - Shade Determination There are several layers to our teeth. When we smile, we see the outer shell of enamel. This very hard substance provides the necessary protection for softer tissues like dentin and pulp. Due to natural porosity, enamel is susceptible to concerns such as discoloration or wearing down. If your smile loses its natural brilliance and beauty, you may feel more than dissatisfied; you may feel embarrassed about the appearance of this important facial feature.

The appearance of your smile is paramount to your feelings of self-esteem. Concerns like gaps, cracks, chips, or mild misalignment can significantly affect the overall beauty of the smile. Dr. Nathan Pfister can help you regain, or possibly find for the first time, confidence in your appearance by disguising flaws with beautiful porcelain veneers.

Dental veneers could be compared to crowns due to the covering of tooth structure. A crown covers the entire tooth; a veneer is a sheet that covers only the front surface of a tooth or teeth. The intent of veneer treatment is to enhance the beauty of the smile through a minimally invasive technique. Patients who choose this cosmetic treatment enjoy very long lasting results with good preventative care.

Dr. Pfister does more than place veneers over teeth. He designs veneers with technical skill and artistry, understanding that every treatment performed on the smile will have an impact on appearance, comfort, health, and overall wellbeing. The tiny details of veneer treatments are where dramatic changes can be found. There are nuances to the smile that are recreated only through careful planning and high quality materials, and these are what we achieve when treating your smile.

Smile enhancement with porcelain veneers is the result of an interaction between you and your dentist and dental laboratory. While the act of designing veneers is within our area of expertise, we believe that you are the driving force behind our efforts. During your consultation for cosmetic dental treatment, Dr. Pfister listens to the concerns you have about your smile and considers you an active participant in your transformative process. When treatment is complete, we want you to see the smile you imagined!

The way you feel about your smile will affect your overall sense of confidence. We can help you make your smile all you want it to be. Call (855) 939-5566 today to schedule your visit.

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