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Fan Choice Award Review - Dr. Nathan Pfister, Biodentist Alabama
Biodentist Alabama
Rating: 5 5 Star Reveiws, Dr. Nathan Pfister, Biodentist Alabama
"I am beyond impressed with the level of professionalism, experience, knowledge, care and results Dr. Nathan Pfister produces. Your health is always his top priority! Extensive research on biologic dentistry in the US is what lead a friend of mine (who has mercury poising) to Dr. Pfister. Now, we all drive from Destin, Florida to be treated by Dr. Pfister. I will never go to a regular dental office again! Dental work completed…. Mercury removal, crowns, and ozone treatment."

Biological Dentistry

Biological Dentistry Dothan - Happy Patient Your Dothan, AL biological dentist treats your smile with the goal of harmony and balance in the mouth and body. Our team is passionate about treating adults and children with biocompatible methods and materials that will enhance their health and wellbeing. We seek first to prevent dental problems and then to identify and correct them as quickly and as conservatively as possible. Every patient who visits our office receives care tailored to his or her needs and desires, including microscopic bacterial risk assessment that guides our entire care plan. This is particularly important to people who suffer from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, lyme disease, diabetes, and heart disease, and many other inflammatory based diseases.

In our holistic dental practice, patients from Dothan, Panama City, Florida, and other nearby communities receive care focused on whole body health. We achieve our goals for comfort and efficiency with the use of proven diagnostics, restorative materials, and customized preventive care.

Biological dentistry is often known for its avoidance and safe removal of amalgam dental fillings, no metal restorations, root canals, and fluoride. Our practice also includes very specific technologies, such as:
  • CO2 laser. This laser is quite different from diode lasers used in some offices. Our CO2 laser has been extensively reviewed in literature for its ability to destroy harmful bacteria such as P. Gingivalis (trigger for rheumatoid arthritis), and spirochetes (cause havoc on immune system). Laser treatment is very conservative and precise on oral tissues and very powerful at killing bacteria that would otherwise escape traditional removal techniques such as scaling and root planing. In fact we eliminate from the periodontal pocket all harmful bacteria and verify our success via microscopic evaluation! Patients interested in the most advanced and effective techniques to protect the teeth and gums and also the heart, joints, and the rest of the body will appreciate the power of the CO2 laser used in conjunction with phase-contrast microscopy.
  • Surgical Piezotome® Ultrasonic. We use this technology in tooth removal to minimize trauma to oral tissues. Not only does ultrasonic ease the discomfort of tooth removal, it saves the greatest extent of bone tissue around the extracted tooth. Extractions are also followed by ozone and CO2 laser treatment to destroy bacteria that may be present in the tissues in and around the socket of failing root canals and infected teeth. We do follow a specific extraction technique pioneered by Dr. Hal Huggins.
  • Microscope phase contrast. Our Nikon research grade phase contrast microscope provides evaluation of oral bacteria that are linked with many health problems. Rather than just acknowledging that there is an oral systemic link between bad mouth bacteria, oral inflammation, and the health of the rest of your body, we proactively review your oral bacteria to identify high-risk types. If they are found, we offer solutions to identify exactly which bacteria are present and to eradicate them quickly. In fact, we re-evaluate the effectiveness of our treatments again on the microscope to ensure that we achieved our goals. We treat and verify that it's working!
  • Kerr SonicFill. This technology utilizes sound waves to vibrate away voids and gaps between your composite filling and teeth. This helps avoid sensitivity, increases filling strength, and decreases the time you need to spend in the dental chair.
  • Bio active filling materials. We utilize body friendly filling materials and linings under fillings that help a tooth to heal from cavity demineralization and bacterial irritation. This step, along with ozone therapy, is often the difference between needing a root canal or not. We do everything possible to avoid root canals.
  • Dexis CariVu. Our radiation-free cavity finder is equal to or more accurate than traditional x-rays for the early detection of tooth decay (according to university studies in Germany). This technology utilizes a polarized infrared light hooked up to a camera. It visually shows us very young cavities even in historically "tricky" places such as between teeth or around existing fillings. The early detection of decay allows cavity re-mineralization and accurate monitoring, and allows us to evaluate fractures without having to expose patients repeatedly to radiation. Preventative and minimally invasive dentistry work best when the problem is small.
  • Digital X-rays. Our digital x-ray equipment emits just 1/20 the radiation of traditional film x-rays while also providing outstanding resolution. Although we consider radiation in the dental field to be extremely low, there is no accepted safe level for ionization radiation. We are very conservative in our recommendations for x-rays, even those taken digitally. We personalize the number and the frequency of x-rays according to each patient's risks and needs. We do utilize a lead gown with a thyroid protector. If you are interested in additional protection from ionizing radiation, there are promising reports of radiation protection from gamma tocotrienol supplementation.
  • Cone Beam CT 3 D Technology that allows the highest degree of information for accurate diagnosis of tooth, jaw, sinus and TMJ health. It also allows us to review a root canal for evidence of bacteria leaking out.
When treating your smile, we recognize the impact we will have on the entire body. Contact our office in Dothan for your consultation for biological dental care.

Dentistry Videos Dothan AL
Biological Dentist in Dothan AL

Dentist Dothan - Dothan Laser Dentist

Fan Choice Award Review - Dr. Nathan Pfister, Biodentist Alabama

Dr. Nathan Pfister

Biological Dentistry Dothan - Dr. Nathan Pfister Dr. Pfister's passion for non-invasive biologic dentistry began while practicing dentistry in Hawaii and he learned of the power of ozone in dentistry. From Hawaii, Dr. Pfister moved to his hometown of Upland as the protégé of the world-renowned ozone dentist Dr. Bill Domb...

Dr. Brian Pfister

Biological Dentistry Dothan - Dr. Brian Pfister Dr. Brian Pfister was born and raised in Upland, CA. He attended Brigham Young University-Idaho, graduating with a degree in exercise physiology with a minor in chemistry. From Idaho, Dr. Brian returned to southern California to continue dental training at Western University College of Dental Medicine.

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