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CO2 Laser Gum Surgery

I've attached a short video showing the effect and the ability of CO2 laser gum surgery combined with ozone to eradicate high risk pathogens( Treponema and other Spirochetes, Candida, P. Gingivalis,) from your mouth. The videos are taken from a monitor videoing our phase contrast microscope plaque sample before treatment and at the end of treatment. There are some specs of dust on the video camera that are not bugs.

The point of the post is to show how ozone significantly improved the outcome of laser gum surgery helping to get rid of infection and helping change the "terrain" to allow non-pathogenic bugs the opportunity to grow. This sort of therapy is followed by heavy dosage oral probiotics as well as fermented foods and very low sugar diet and perhaps supplements. We also discourage "swapping spit" with anyone who might be contaminated prior to you re-establishing a healthy bug population.

Oral Amoebas

Have you ever wondered what oral amoebas look like? The presence of these free-living single-celled animals indicates the onset or progress of oral disease.

Oral Amoebas

Oral amoebas extend fingers of protoplasma to capture food and move about in the moist environment of the mouth. Amoebic concentration is a sign of oral disease.

Oral Spirochetosis

Spirochete microorganisms are linked to tooth loss, immune system dysfunction, and conditions with neurological symptoms such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Nathan Pfister

Video Gallery Dothan  - Dr. Nathan Pfister Dr. Pfister's passion for non-invasive biologic dentistry began while practicing dentistry in Hawaii and he learned of the power of ozone in dentistry. From Hawaii, Dr. Pfister moved to his hometown of Upland as the protégé of the world-renowned ozone dentist Dr. Bill Domb...

Dr. Brian Pfister

Video Gallery Dothan  - Dr. Brian Pfister Dr. Nathan Pfister enthusiastically welcomes his younger brother, Dr. Brian Pfister, to the team at BioDentist Alabama. They share a passion for preventive and biological dentistry.

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