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Our office is now open and we are following the guidance of the CDC and Alabama Dental Board regarding protecting our patients from Covid-19.

Over and above these guidelines we have added high flow medical air filters to each room along with UV-C air filters to purify the air. In addition to our medical air filters, our treatment rooms are equipped with Swiss made IQAir along with DentaAirVac to catch dental aerosols.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the office. (334) 446-3211

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Fan Choice Award Review - Dr. Nathan Pfister, Biodentist Alabama

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Our priority in treating patients is to give each person the individual care they need to achieve optimal oral health. Dr. Pfister has treated thousands of patients with conservative, friendly care aimed at enhancing health and wellbeing. Feedback from past and current patients is always appreciated.

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Jacki E.

"I had a failed root canal with sinus involvement. I went to this dentist after researching root canals that fail. I knew I needed serious help with my teeth, and overall health. This is the only Biological dentist I could find on Alabama. What a treasure that Dothan has these two amazing dentists! The staff and the dentist’s are wonderful. This practice is top notch. I have developed several health issues and autoimmune disease which may have been caused by the failed root canals placed years ago. Now on to correction of the problems and restoration of my mouth and health. "
Elisabeth F. M.

"We took my 8 month old son to Dr. Pfister to evaluate his mouth for possible ties. It was such a great experience! He was so caring and genuine and immediately put me at ease. Dr. Pfister was amazing with my little guy. He released his lip tie, and it was done so quickly! When you look down at your nursing baby and see his upper lip flare out like it should for the first time in his life it’s easy to get a little emotional. I highly recommend this dentist! I only wish I had found him sooner! "
Zachary H.

"He is an outstanding dentist!"
Paula G. G.

" Dr. Phister & his staff are the BEST!! He has improved my dental & overall health so much. Very Compassionate, Professional and Thorough."
Rafael G.

" I've used Dr. Pfister for dental work as well as cleanings. He takes his time and takes the edge of seeing a dentist! His staff is first class and always courteous and helpful. His practice is cutting edge! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Pfister."
Kristan B. G.

" So thankful to have found Dr Pfister! He is very knowledgeable and caring. Best dental experience I've had and worth the 5-hour drive. I felt at peace and confident that I was getting the absolute best care. I hope that more dentists will learn the techniques he is using. Thank you, Dr Pfister and staff!!"
Joe N Amanda M.

" Service was very good and office staff was very personable. Dr. Pfister is very knowledgeable and you can tell the passion he has for his profession."
Jarrett I.

" Best dentist! Dr. Pfister is the man and will take care of you! "
Carly W.

" The best dentist Ever ..."
by G. Feuerstein DC

" Since you detected and removed the infection under my base metal/ceramic crown and replaced it with the Cerec crown followed by ozone, I have only missed one day with a migraine in the last nine months. I used to get them twice monthly and it was very hard to miss work frequently, and embarrassing too because I am a doctor, "physician heal thyself!" I always used to get migraines on the side of that tooth, and thinking back I realized that my migraines started about the time I had that crown placed, around 30 years ago. They had gradually gotten worse and more frequent and although many treatments helped, nothing really corrected the situation. Since correcting that tooth I had 'mini-migraines' of less and less intensity and frequency. They are about gone. Thanks again for your thorough and meticulous approach to your work. The increase in my quality of life has been remarkable. "
by Heather HW

" So happy to welcome this friendly dentist to the area. I found him easy to talk to, very professional, great personality and so informative. I appreciate him doing a microscopic bacterial test and educating me on the holistic care with dentistry. Ronette, the hygienist was very friendly and so gentle. The best and kindest touch I've had so far and I wasn't in any discomfort. Amber is sweet and informative too. What a great office this is. (I drove 2 hours and was worth it!). "
by Sarah W.

" After seeing multiple dentists for my daughter's teeth issues, driving 6 hours to Dr. Pfister was absolutely worth it & I'm looking forward to bringing the rest of the family. Dr. Pfister's approach to dentistry is not only safe & non-invasive but he also emphasizes on prevention & the overall health of the mouth. It's very refreshing to find a dentist who is so highly trained & up to date on the safer, more effective dentistry that we all deserve!"
by Amanda D.

" Thank you for kindly discussing my breastfeeding issues and checking my daughter for lip and tongue ties! The laser revision was worth every penny, and I'm glad the money went to such an understanding and humble human being. Can't wait to come back for dental appointments as well!"
by Megan R. K.

" Seriously the BEST dentist in the area! My entire family loves him and my Kiddos don't even object when I tell them they are going to the dentist. He does so much more than clean your teeth; he is about your overall health and prevention. So grateful we found him. Also my 1 year old had a lip tie instead of sedating him and cutting it, Dr. Pfister took care of it in house in less than 2 min. He has been nursing like a champ since. I cannot say enough good things about him."
by David G.

" Fantastic dentist, with a passion for his profession. An honor to have worked alongside him as a colleague and friend"
Joy T

The Word Is OUT! Dr. Pfister is the best!
" I am beyond impressed with the level of professionalism, experience, knowledge, care and results Dr. Nathan Pfister produces. Your health is always his top priority! Extensive research on biologic dentistry in the US is what lead a friend of mine (who has mercury poising) to Dr. Pfister. Now, we all drive from Destin, Florida to be treated by Dr. Pfister. I will never go to a regular dental office again! Dental work completed…. Mercury removal, crowns, and ozone treatment. "
by Jorge Peláez, MD

" I have been looking for many months for a dentist trained in biological dentistry. My filters are strict, because as a physician I wanted someone I could trust to refer my patients and my family members. I became Dr. Pfister's patient and I can attest that he is not only a knowledgable and skillful dentist, but a caring and personable individual. I was impressed to the point of offering him to write my first testimonial ever regarding a dentist. "
by Mary D. G.

" What a Great Doctor!!!
This man is a precious gift to those of us who live close enough to see him!!!!! I had never seen a Biodentist before. Now, I am so glad that I took the long trip up to Dothan to see Dr. Pfister. I had seen my dentist just 2 months earlier and he had told me that my mouth was looking good. Dr. Pfister took pictures and x-rays that proved likewise. I went to have a tooth pulled and he saved it. I honestly don't care that he is out of network because his work is through and makes sense. He offers long term healthcare that will save me pain and money in the long run!!! He is kind and gentle and truthful. I'm taking my whole family now. I can promise you that you will be so glad you went too!! His helpful information about the simple things that you can do at home are enough to warrant an initial visit. I could go on and on!!! Thank you Dr. Pfister!!! "
by Tony K.

" Dr. Pfister is an amazing dentist. He's very gentle, respectful, and very knowledgeable on most facets of dentistry. His staff is amazing too, they're always so nice to me and my children. I really feel amongst friends when there. Now to his dentistry:
I've amazed at how much this guy knows. He's an expert in ozone therapy and minimally invasive dentistry and preventative which basically means that if you want the best chance to have the least amount of dentistry done, you need to see him. And if you so happen to need dental work, he does it all. Same day crowns, implants, digital X-rays, ozone therapy, air-abrasion (high tech sandblaster) which minimizes or eliminates shots, nice! He seems to have all the high tech stuff I've seen on tv and the Internet. I think he does stuff like sleep apnea too, excellent.

My kid loves coming here, he can't wait for his xylitol (non cavity forming!) lollipop after his work is done. How many kids like their dentist? If you need a great dentist you have to call him. BTW, I'm a dentist and he's the one I see, that should tell you how good he is. "
by Rachel D.

" I have been going to Dr. Pfister since he took over for Dr. Domb. I have nothing but great things to say about him. I feel he is fair, knowledgeable and genuinely concerned for his patients. His staff is friendly, professional and very helpful if you need to get in right away with a problem. "
by Paula M.

" My husband and I and our 2 children have been going to Dr. Pfister for about 2 years and we could not be happier with the care we have received. What's important to me is that he is on the cutting edge of minimally invasive procedures. I worry about putting my kids asleep and using other drugs, and the long term impact of mercury. We've had a couple tricky issues and he's had a solution for every cavity, crown, etc. that has worked in our best interest. The computer programs he has used to show us our cases have been amazing to me, no other dentist I have been to has had this technology. Regarding his staff they are professional, cheerful, and knowledgeable, a great asset to the office. And the building itself is unique and beautiful. I would highly recommend Dr. Pfister to any friend or family member. "
by Travis M.

" I don't get real excited about visiting the dentist, but Dr. Pfister makes the appointment a personable value added experience. I appreciate him taking the necessary time to personalize the visit and the treatment. I searched for a dentist offering ozone as part of the treatment. I had a big cavity that had been giving me some issues and received this effort and treatment with the ozone to try and help me avoid a root canal. I won't have any reservations making an appointment with him in the future. I would go so far to say you can't find a dentist within 150 miles with his personal care and attention. I would bet you on it. "

Dentistry Videos Dothan AL
Biological Dentist in Dothan AL

Dentist Dothan - Dothan Laser Dentist

Fan Choice Award Review - Dr. Nathan Pfister, Biodentist Alabama

Dr. Nathan Pfister

Dental Patient Success Stories Dothan - Dr. Nathan Pfister Dr. Pfister's passion for non-invasive biologic dentistry began while practicing dentistry in Hawaii and he learned of the power of ozone in dentistry. From Hawaii, Dr. Pfister moved to his hometown of Upland as the protégé of the world-renowned ozone dentist Dr. Bill Domb...

Dr. Brian Pfister

Dental Patient Success Stories Dothan - Dr. Brian Pfister Dr. Brian Pfister was born and raised in Upland, CA. He attended Brigham Young University-Idaho, graduating with a degree in exercise physiology with a minor in chemistry. From Idaho, Dr. Brian returned to southern California to continue dental training at Western University College of Dental Medicine.

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