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Our office is now open and we are following the guidance of the CDC and Alabama Dental Board regarding protecting our patients from Covid-19.

Over and above these guidelines we have added high flow medical air filters to each room along with UV-C air filters to purify the air. In addition to our medical air filters, our treatment rooms are equipped with Swiss made IQAir along with DentaAirVac to catch dental aerosols.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the office. (334) 446-3211

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Fan Choice Award Review - Dr. Nathan Pfister, Biodentist Alabama

Dothan dental patients improve their dental health with laser gum surgery

Laser Gum Surgery Dothan - Healthy Laser Gums Treatment A healthy mouth is about more than sparkling teeth and fresh breath. In fact, there are conditions that can affect the mouth that often can’t be detected by the untrained eye. Gum disease, for example, begins underneath the gum line as bacteria builds up and causes infection. Unfortunately, gum disease is quite common among adults and even children. In its earliest stages, gum disease can be hard to detect. Common signs include a little bit of bleeding when brushing or flossing, and gums that are slightly swollen, discolored, or sore. Patients who experience these symptoms often assume that it’s not a big deal and normal for “them”, or blame them on something they’ve eaten recently.

Explaining away gum disease symptoms can be troublesome as the condition will continue to deteriorate the gums and eventually the jawbone if it’s not addressed. In the early stages of gum disease, known as gingivitis, treatment is simple. Patients can typically stop and reverse the damage by simply improving their oral hygiene habits. This includes brushing at least twice each day, and flossing every day. In moderate and severe cases, a advanced home care techniques will be prescribed. After following these instructions most patients will be able to escape permanent damage.

However, when gum disease progresses often silently to the serious stage of periodontitis, the risks to the mouth, teeth, and overall health become much higher. As gum disease progresses, the pockets of infection below the gum line grow and spread, at the same time leeching bacteria and toxins into your body. Over time, obvious problems are the damage the jawbone and the loss of teeth. When gum disease cannot be resolved with better oral health care habits, the dentist may need to perform surgery. In the past surgery has included pulling the gums away from the tooth, removing the infection, and then suturing the gums tightly back in place. This procedure, while effective, can be painful and cause great apprehension to patients.

Dr. Nathan Pfister of Biodentist Alabama helps his Dothan area patients resolve gum disease with laser gum surgery and other ozone adjunctive therapies. This procedure allows Dr. Pfister to target the bacteria and gently remove it while leaving the healthy tissue intact. With no incisions or sutures, the recovery time is dramatically reduced.

For more information about laser gum surgery or other ways to keep your smile healthy, call Dr. Pfister’s office today.

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Dentistry Videos Dothan AL
Biological Dentist in Dothan AL

Dentist Dothan - Dothan Laser Dentist

Fan Choice Award Review - Dr. Nathan Pfister, Biodentist Alabama

Dr. Nathan Pfister

Healthy Teeth and Gums Dothan - Dr. Nathan Pfister Dr. Pfister's passion for non-invasive biologic dentistry began while practicing dentistry in Hawaii and he learned of the power of ozone in dentistry. From Hawaii, Dr. Pfister moved to his hometown of Upland as the protégé of the world-renowned ozone dentist Dr. Bill Domb...

Dr. Brian Pfister

Healthy Teeth and Gums Dothan - Dr. Brian Pfister Dr. Brian Pfister was born and raised in Upland, CA. He attended Brigham Young University-Idaho, graduating with a degree in exercise physiology with a minor in chemistry. From Idaho, Dr. Brian returned to southern California to continue dental training at Western University College of Dental Medicine.

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