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Micro Air Abrasion

Micro Air Abrasion Dothan - Micro Air Abrasion Dothan Treatment Historically, patients visiting the dentist for restorative treatment would expect to hear the shrill noise of the dental drill. In the Dothan, AL office of holistic dentist Dr Nathan Pfister, patients can enjoy much more pleasant treatments thanks to micro air abrasion.

The micro air abrasion technique treats tooth decay without the heat, vibration, or noise you may anticipate. This minimally invasive alternative to drilling away tooth material prepares teeth for repair using microscopic particles rather than mechanical action. Due to the gentleness of this "sandblasting" technique with water, there is a greater possibility for care without the need for numbing medication. This means no injections for you and fewer visits should there be a need to repair multiple teeth.

Our goals for conservative care and patient comfort are met with the use of micro air abrasion, which quickly and accurately removes even small areas of decay while leaving healthy tooth structure intact. Combined with beautiful composite resin fillings, this technique aids in the quick restoration of strength and functionality.

Our patients appreciate several advantages of micro air abrasion, including:
  • Faster treatment
  • No needles or the need for numbing medication in most cases
  • More conservative care with minimal alteration of tooth structure
  • Less pressure on the jaw during treatment
  • No noise or uncomfortable vibration
  • Reduction in the risk for further damage such as fractures or chips
Micro air abrasion is suitable for multiple forms of care

Most patients can benefit from the use of micro air abrasion, not only those who dislike the feeling and sound of the dental drill. Results of care are optimal when problems are detected early. We encourage our patients to maintain six-month recall visits and to contact us at the first sign of discomfort, even sensitivity, which may indicate the development of a new cavity.

Micro air abrasion may also be used to prepare teeth for the replacement of an existing composite filling, but not for the safe removal of an existing amalgam filling. Due to the risk of mercury exposure, Dr. Pfister uses a very specific IAOMT protocol to remove amalgam material from teeth.

Your comfort, health, and wellness are important to us. Discover the benefits of personalized dental care when you schedule your visit with Dr. Nathan Pfister.

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