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Fan Choice Award Review - Dr. Nathan Pfister, Biodentist Alabama

A dentist in Dothan, Alabama, explains the types of oral bacteria that might be in your mouth

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Types of Oral Bacteria in Dothan AL Area
Most adults don’t spend much time thinking about the types of bacteria that might be present in their mouths. In fact, most adults don’t spend much time thinking about bacteria at all. However, the bacteria that live in our mouths can be the key to important oral health care considerations, which is why Dr. Nathan Pfister of Biodentist Alabama in Dothan, Alabama, offers oral bacteria testing. He understands that patients often have questions about this service and answers many of the common questions below.

What kind of bacteria live in the mouth?

There can be up to 1000 different types of bacteria in your mouth at any given time. It’s important to note that most of this bacteria is natural and healthy and can contribute to your overall wellness. One area of emerging research is oral bacteria helping in the production of nitric oxide which supports vascular health. These bacteria may be consumed as part of your nutrition – through living foods like yogurt, cheese, and other fermented foods.

However, other bacteria in the mouth, like Streptococcus mutans, can lead to gum disease or cavities. When these organisms come into contact with simple sugar particles in your mouth, from candies, soda, or other sweets, they begin to grow and secrete acid that damages the enamel of your teeth.

Additionally, the Porphyromonas gingivalis and Treponema denticola bacteria produce toxins that target the gumline, causing inflammation and gum disease. If not addressed, this can cause damage to the tissue and bone that support the teeth, leading to tooth loss as well as systemic inflammation.

Where do bacteria start?

You may be wondering how bacteria gets into your mouth in the first place. It’s important to note that in many cases, it's difficult to prevent as they are contracted from parents, siblings, lovers, and pets . There are bacteria present in nearly everything you eat and drink. These bacteria are reduced when you brush and floss; however, many are sneaky and live in the crevices of your mouth that are hard to reach with a toothbrush, dental floss, or mouth rinse.

How will I know if I have too much bacteria in the mouth or bad bugs?

Cavities and gum disease are the most common dental problems caused by oral bacteria. Note that these are lagging indicators of bad bugs. However, patients can also experience bad breath and discomfort caused by inflamed or bleeding gums. Additionally, some bacteria can move from the mouth to the body, impacting your overall health and wellness. Oral bacteria can now be identified traveling as well contributing to many serious general health situations.
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Removing bacteria from the mouth

With good oral health habits, many patients can keep bacteria from causing disease. We at BioDentist Alabama recommend twice-daily brushing with a quality toothbrush and daily flossing to reach the particles that are trapped between the teeth. As a toothpaste we recommend adding baking soda to an essential oil toothpaste to help alkalize the mouth. For high decay risk patients we encourage carefree products. Additionally, adding mouthwash to your daily oral health care routine and being current with dental cleanings will help immensely to reduce high risk periodontal pathogens. Our experience has been activated chlorine dioxide and iodine mouth rinses help immensely to reduce oral bacteria. At BioDentist Alabama, the dental team will thoroughly clean your teeth and gums, using air-polishers, baking soda, and ozonated water that allow them to reach the most difficult areas of the mouth as well as sanitize the bad bugs. They will also examine your mouth traditionally as well as with a phase contrast microscope to be able to spot potential issues before they erupt into big problems. At times we also use DNA salivary analysis tools to help guide our therapies.

Dr. Nathan Pfister of Biodentist Alabama has been helping patients achieve their best healthiest smiles for many years. For more information about dental bacteria or our testing service, call our office at (855) 939-5566 today.

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Biological Dentist in Dothan AL

Dentist Dothan - Dothan Laser Dentist

Fan Choice Award Review - Dr. Nathan Pfister, Biodentist Alabama

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