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TMJ dental treatment in Dothan, AL helps headache sufferers

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TMJ dental treatment from specialist in Dothan, AL
There are many kinds of headaches, but migraines are among the most debilitating. Most people don’t associate migraine symptoms with jaw problems. Dr. Nathan Pfister and Dr. Brian Pfister take a holistic approach to addressing causes of headaches and migraines, with TMJ dental treatment at Biodentist Alabama in Dothan, AL.

Headache v. migraine

Tension headaches are common, causing mild to moderate pain. The feeling is generally described as tightness and pressure at the forehead, back of the head, or neck.

Migraine pain, however, is usually felt at the top or sides of the head. Intense and throbbing, it lasts from several hours to a few days. Some migraine sufferers have multiple episodes a month. Migraines are often accompanied by sensitivity to light, smell, and sound. Vision may be distorted, and the combination of symptoms can be bad enough to trigger vomiting.

Dental treatment for TMJ headaches relief

Strong medications may alleviate discomfort and allow you to “sleep off” a migraine. However, pain relief drugs come with potential side effects and do nothing to rectify the root cause. Through TMJ dental treatment, Dothan, AL patients are finding answers and relief.

TMJs are the temporomandibular joints that hinge your lower jaw to the skull, just below and in front of your ears. The complex joints are comprised of bone, muscles, ligaments, and articulating discs. When the delicate balance is upset, the trigeminal nerve may become compressed. That is a contributing factor in headaches and migraines. In addition, bite force that is meant to transfer to teeth in a stable situation instead travels to other tissues in the head and neck.

The doctors use advanced 3D cone beam imaging technology for accurate analysis of TMJ issues. Then they develop a treatment plan customized to your individual situation. It may include:
  • Adjusting bite by altering the shape and size of teeth or existing dental work.
  • Oral appliance therapy – a small device worn at night (through the day in severe cases) that harmonizes bite, reducing jaw strain.
  • Referral to a trusted chiropractor.
  • Simple lifestyle adjustments and stress management techniques.
Call Biodentist Alabama in Dothan, AL at (855) 939-5566 for TMJ dental treatment that relieves headaches.

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