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Finding a TMJ dentist near me in Dothan, AL

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Dr. Nathan Pfister is a TMJ specialist in Dothan, AL
The internet puts plenty of information at your fingertips. You can research any medical or dental condition, and find treatment options. However, there is no way to verify the information. It is especially important to talk with a qualified practitioner to get relief from TMJ problems. If you are searching for a TMJ dentist “near me” in the Dothan, AL area, your search can end with Dr. Nathan and Dr. Brian Pfister.

Key factors

Treatment of TMJ disorder is not a recognized medical or dental specialty. It pays to delve into the credentials, training, and experience of any doctor you are considering. Then think about these essential aspects of care:
  • Compassion – Does the practitioner take time to understand your symptoms? Does he ask health and lifestyle questions? Does he show empathy and concern? TMD is a real condition with serious effects on health and quality of life. A good TMJ dentist understands that.
  • Care philosophy – Some doctors have a standard treatment plan for TMD. It may involve masking discomfort with powerful drugs. Our dentists strive to find and address root causes of TMD, for treatment that delivers long-term relief.
  • Technologically advanced – Effective treatment stems from a clear understanding of structural imbalances that impact bite. With the availability of hi-tech diagnostics, there is simply no excuse for guesswork.

Disclusion time reduction therapy

Biodentist Alabama is committed to providing top quality dental care through advanced equipment and training. Disclusion time reduction therapy is a great example.

Teeth must fit and work together during chewing. How efficiently they do so affects the comfort and function of muscles and bones. Changes to the shape of teeth may restore bite harmony. However, the dentist must be sure about what modifications are needed, and precise in delivery. That is where disclusion time reduction (DTR) therapy is invaluable.

This sophisticated procedure uses T-Scan and electromyography (EMG). That technology combination gauges occlusal bite force as it relates to muscle activity. The objective is to identify problematic contacts, providing data that guides the dentist in effective bite adjustment.

It is easy to find a TMJ dentist near me in Dothan, AL. Just call (855) 939-5566.

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Dr. Nathan Pfister

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Dr. Brian Pfister

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